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Swarovski Crystal Masks

Genuine Swarovski Crystal Face Masks

For those of you wanting to wear a mask these days I am now offering genuine Swarovski crystal face masks.  These are sewn by a professional seamstress in America and hand decorated by myself.  There are three layers of fabric (as the CDC is now recommending) including a fabric filter sandwiched between two layers of black fabric.  There is thin metal wire between the fabric layers to shape around your nose for a good fit along with elastic ear loops for comfort. 

These are hand washable by soaking in warm soapy water, rinse with clear warm water and lay flat to dry.  These are not medical grade.  If you want a custom made Swarovski design for your mask just email or call me, Marcia at 509-448-2654.  I'm happy to make whatever design, logo, your initials, name or words you might like.   I have more designs with more coming soon!  Your suggestions are welcome!